The Piestewa Invasive Species Pilot

Help us beat back the #BuffelgrassBlues!

The Piestewa Invasive Species Pilot project aims at raising awareness on buffelgrass (Pennisetum ciliare) and other invasive plant species found in City of Phoenix parks and preserves,  while using citizen science to help map these invasive species at Piestewa Peak. 

We're calling this awareness-building component #BuffelgrassBlues! Using interpretive trail signage at Piestewa Peak we seek to inform and engage the community on this important ecological challenge. The pilot incorporates citizen science to assist in the mapping of the invasive plants at Piestewa Peak using Collector, a mobile device application.

The Goal of the Project – To work collaboratively to gather useful data that helps support City of Phoenix Parks and Recreation make the most informed decisions on the management of invasive species, while engaging the community. We hope this approach can provide a framework for other parks to us to gather data on invasive species to assist in their management. 

The Team – This pilot begun in the fall of 2018 in collaboration with the Central Arizona Conservation Alliance (CAZCA), the City of Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department, Desert Botanical Garden (the Garden) and with support by Intel Corporation. 

Invasive Species?

Buffelgrass is one of the invasive species of highest concern here in our region. Learn more about this invasive grass.

Get the Facts!

Project Goals



Launch and implement a wide-scale educational campaign around buffelgrass called #BuffelgrassBlues at Piestewa Peak! 

Citizen Science


Collect of mapping data with the help of trained community volunteers, with support from City of Phoenix Parks staff!



Work collaboratively to provide mapping data to City of Phoenix to facilitate best management of city parks and preserves!

The Team

Central Arizona Conservation Alliance


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City of Phoenix Parks & Recreation


Visit City of Phoenix Parks & Recreation Department at

Desert Botanical Garden


Serving as the convener for this project, learn more about Desert Botanical Garden at